The Ionian Sup was founded the Winter of 2020.

This project was born, in order to enhance and promote our idea of a “cleaner” and more sustainable type of tourism, that is becoming more and more fundamental due to the massive environmental changes.

The SUP tour, is an eco friendly activity that endorse our beliefs for “slow”, enjoyable viewing of the spectacular scenery that the greater Fiscardo area has to offer.

Along with Ionian Discoveries and the Ionian eBike excursions, the visitor may be acquainted with a more complete experience of what we define as….
We are Claudia and Fabio, the founders of this project, and we live on Kefalonia for the past 6 years.

Being a married couple for 4 years, but share our lives since 2003.
Claudia is the chef of the Ionian Discoveries and the manager for the Ionian eBike and the Ionian Sup; during the winter she dedicates a lot of her time attending diverse cooking courses.

Fabio on the other hand, is the skipper and the main guide for the Ionian Discoveries during the summer; during the winter season, he is a ski instructor on the prestigious French Alps ski resort of Morzine.